Since 1994 Computing Technologies Services has been helping companies use available technologies to address business needs. At CTS the motto is “Synergism for your Business Technologies”.  This means managing all of your business technologies so they work together.

Our goal is to have your:
Applications; PC’s, Phones and Tablets; Wired and Wireless Network Equipment; Printers; ISP’s and Internet Access; Messaging (e-mail, TEXT, MMS and even FAX); Security monitoring or Surveillance; yes and even your GADGETS and WIDGETS working for you. All your STUFF working together to suport you, your staff and your business needs.  You get the idea — SYNERGY —  it is possible!

So wheather you have a “break/fix” situation, need to have a strategic planning discussion, create a business continuance plan or want to secure your systems and data CTS can help.  And if we cannot, we will help you find the support you need.  Give us an opportunity to put our brain cells, eyeballs and experience to work for you.

Computing Technologies Services, Inc.
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